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Common SIX Job Interview Mistakes To Avoid

Common SIX Job Interview Mistakes To Avoid

Common sense thought everybody has it, especially when it gets to job interview to some extent, but I have seen so many people that this so call common sense has eluded them. Although I have sometimes made some common mistakes in the years past, but all these common mistakes are now regarded as common sense in this age because it is believed that every candidates for job interview should have it. So, to save you from the agony of post-interview regrets, here are a few blunders that are easy to avoid:

  1. Leaving your phone on:

It’s such an easy oversight, but there is nothing ruder or more unforgivable than your mobile going off during an interview.

  1. Forgetting to take the company address (and if possible a map) with you:

It’s not OK to be late because you got lost. I’d recommend you also take down a number for the reception desks so you can call for directions should you miss your way to the venue.

  1. Forgetting the name of who’s interviewing you:

Trust me, it’s massively embarrassing if you forget the name of your interviewer during and after the interview because that will show that you are uninterested in the job, you only come to waste their time when you cannot address them appropriately.

  1. Don’t talk too much:

It’s easy to just open your mouth and let the wonderful words you’ve been rehearsing flood out when you’re feeling the pressure. But, if you fail to listen to your interviewer or, worse still, you find yourself talking over them, it won’t matter how persuasive and polished your pitch is. Take a deep breath…

  1. Don’t be the one to first mention money:

Unless your interviewer brings up the subject first, try and stay away from discussions on salary. Generally speaking the topic is a no go area during a first interview, which is designed to look at your suitability for a role you’re getting ahead of yourself if you want to know about the pay packet. Equally, at the end of the interview process you have more bargaining power; at this stage the employer knows how good you are.

  1. Asking no questions:

Hopefully an intelligent and relevant question will pop into your head during the interview. But, even the most inquisitive souls among us can find all sensible thoughts evacuate as soon as the dreaded “Do you have any questions?” is posed. Have a question ready before the interview begins that’s broad yet company specific as back-up.

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    Taught? “Thought” is what you meant there, pls edit. Great article!

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      EJOBS Nigeria Author

      @Kev, We appreciate, Thanks.


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