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Business Development Manager (Agro Farm) – SENCE 894 views

SENCE is looking to hire Business Development Manager (with animal nutrition experience in a feedmill or animal farm) for one of its client. Sence is a reputable agency managed by Mrs ibok  who doubled as the founder and CEO of SENCE. A lawyer and HR specialist with a passion for innovation  and SMEs.

Roles and Responsibilities
The responsibilities of this position includes but not limited to the following:
•Evaluating the chemical and nutritional value of feeds, feed supplements, grass and forage for commercial animals and pets;
•Formulating diets and rations to maximize growth, reproduction, health and/or performance;
•Assessing the relative nutritional and economic value of feeding systems;
•Researching the effectiveness of dietary regimes;
•Conducting animal-based studies and laboratory trials;
•Supporting agricultural consultants in their work;
Liaising with producers and clients to understand their targets and objectives, and the specific needs of the market;
•Monitoring feed formulations to meet quality performance and animal health standards;
•Providing advice on nutrition to farmers, other animal owners, veterinarians and government bodies;
•Rationalizing animal feed manufacturing techniques;
•Expanding existing ranges of animal food products and developing new ones;
•Supporting commercial teams in producing and launching new products;
•Carrying out sales and marketing strategies following the launch of a new product;
•Balancing a growing consumer interest in quality with the need to develop competitive agricultural systems;
•Maintaining expertise in nutritional trends and keeping up to date with regulatory changes;
•Using computer software to formulate diets, conduct research and generate reports;
•Investigating nutritional disorders and the safe storage of feeds, often in conjunction with veterinary surgeons.
•Preparing periodic reports to management on sales, formulation, market trends etc
•Performing any other duties as may be assigned by the supervisor

Skill set
•A good University degree in Animal Science, Animal Nutrition, Veterinary Medicine or any other related field
•A minimum of 4-7 years experience in a similar role, preferably in a well-organized Feed Mill environment or Animal Nutrition Laboratory.
•Ability to use modern feed formulation software for ruminants and non-ruminants (animals)
•Must have an understanding of the scientific basis of nutrition;
•Familiarity with analysing data and writing reports;
•Ability to conduct research in a safe, ethical and reliable manner;
•Possess the capability to formulate and communicate ideas;
•Must have the capacity to form long-term relationships with customers and clients;
•An appreciation of the interdisciplinary nature of science and the validity of others’ viewpoints;
•Business management, time management and personal development skills;
•Advanced numeracy, IT and internet skills;
•Ability to drive, perseverance, dedication and a willingness to work long hours
•Must Understand the linkage between feed ingredients and formulation on one hand and optimum animal health and growth on the other
•Experience in feed proximate analysis, feed manufacturing and marketing of feeds and concentrates
•Ability to work under tight deadlines with little or no supervision
•Basic business management skills – marketing, costing, pricing, budgeting, profitability drivers etc
• Ability to use “unconventional feed ingredients” to achieve quality and affordable compound feeds and concentrates for animals
•Experience in least cost feed formulation for compound feeds and concentrates for ruminants and non-ruminants with initial focus on poultry
•Working experience in Feed nutrition Labs, feed mills, reputable feed companies and/or standard farms
•Experience in Feed production Planning

Work experience minimum of 4 years
Upper salary range Attractive

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