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Key Roles & Responsibilities


·         Ensure the PABX System TDA 200 is up and running at all times 

·         Ensure all telephone lines are up and running at all times

·         Assign and test telephone lines for new clients

·         Disengage telephone lines Liaise with the Telco provider(s) on issues such as downtime, malfunctioning lines and billing issues

·         Install new telephone extension box where existing one is faulty

·         Troubleshoot minor faults on PABX such as bad extension detection, faulty line detection and power down (bad power supply)

·         Ensure that all internet services are up and running at all time

·         Liaise with internet service providers when there is downtime , slow internet speed or billing issues

·         Monitor internet speed and performance of  service providers on a monthly basis

·         Conduct review on service provider performance and check for availability of new provider on quarterly basis


·         Ensure local area network is up and running at all time (wired & wireless)

·         Ensure that all services such as DHCP and Wireless security are working

·         Ensure that printer, scanners and other shared resources are accessible from the LAN

·         Ensure that all Clients and computers are connected to the LAN

·         Monitor and ensure that the LAN is secure and functioning at optimal capacity

·         Provide report on fault status and general LAN performance on weekly basis


·         Ensure that clients’ hardware such as laptops, desktops, printers, scanners, fax machine and other peripherals are working

·         Troubleshoot and resolve minor and major faults on clients hardware on request

·         Advise on proper handling and maintenance of hardware in order to avoid damage or malfunction

·         Ensure that client hardware operation is in compliance with company policies

·         Advise client on latest hardware technology and encourage them to deploy it


·         Troubleshoot and resolve major and minor faults on installed software on computer on request

·         Install and ensure proper functioning of software on computer on request

·         Ensure that software installed by clients does not contravene companies policy

·         Carry out research on latest software and upgrades on software used in order to advise them properly

·         Research on bugs affecting clients software and how to resolve them (bugs)

·         Install and update antivirus package(s) for clients on request

·         Ensure that all power backup device(s) is up and running at all time

·         Ensure that the inverter is charging and working (backing up) once there is power outage

·         Carry out battery discharge to ensure batteries are ok and record discharge time

·         Ensure the server is up and running at all time and connected to the network

·         Ensure that all shared drives are accessible to all users on the network

·         Ensure that the server is synchronized with the online folder once weekly 

·         Ensure update of new patches and files by Microsoft and antivirus

·         Ensure that the server is properly shutdown at the close of business

·         Diagnose and repair major and minor fault on all company Desktop and Laptops

·         Carry out installation of software and hardware to enhance computer information processing performance

·         Ensure that all computers are able to share resources on the server

·         Diagnose and repair software faults

·         Installation and administration and regular update of antivirus package on all workstation

·         Carry out preventive maintenance of hardware quarterly

·         Administration of  control panel

·         creating new email accounts

·         checking the online backup directory to ensure proper synchronization with local domain controller

·         Granting ftp accesses to allow upload of content to the website space


·         suggest new ideas/innovations that will improve IT operation

·         contribute to the strategic planning of companies technology roadmap

·         Writing technical documents

·         Conducting technical research

·         undertaking project work e.g. “Project Website Revamp”


·         You will provide research and insights into new technology solutions that could be of benefit in achieving business objectives.

Job Attributes

The job and role attributes are as follows:

  • Good organizational skills
  • Multi-tasking skills
  • Good oral communication skills
  • Very good people interpersonal skills
  • Very good technical implementation skills
  • Roll out experience
  • Planning Management

Skills and Qualification

  • B.S./B.A. Degree in related fields or equivalent experience
  • Excellent understanding and knowledge of the Microsoft technologies
  • Outstanding communication, teaming and interpersonal skills.
  • Fluency in English


How To Apply

Send CV to hr@fbaglobal.com

  • This job has expired!
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