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Health Initiatives for Safety and Stability in Africa-HIFASS, is a non-profit organization registered in 2007 in Nigeria with a core objective of expanding quality health care and treatment in Africa. Over the years HIFASS has provided manpower and associated technical support to PEPFAR HIV/AIDS program, USAID and World Bank funded projects in Nigeria and further more played a role in the management of personnel services.

Job Title: Program Administrative Specialists/M&E Officers

Job Description

  • Provide direct administrative support on behalf of HIFASS/MODHIP to the Site Commander through the Site Team Leader in the coordination of HIV/AIDS services.
  • Inform the Site Team Leader and provides as directed reports on all administrative issues concerning the HIV program at the site to MODHIP, DODWRP-N, and HIFASS as approved by Site Team Leader.
  • Provide monthly HIFASS related administrative program/report to HIFASS Director, Public Health.
  • Manages and accounts to HIFASS any funds disbursed by HIFASS directly to the site and ensure that such funds are utilized appropriately for the intended purposes.
  • Work closely with NMOD Hospital Medical Records Department and Medical Records Officers for improved data management systems, improved data quality, capacity building and sustainable ownership for the entire hospital services.
  • Supervise the Monitoring and Evaluation officer and ensures all HIV-related service delivery data are accurate, relevant, collected and reported in a timely manner.
  • In the absence of Monitoring and Evaluation Officer at the site, the PAS will assume full responsibility for all data management activities related to the HIV program at the facility
  • Working with the Site Team Leader, will ensure that monthly program review/M&E meetings hold at the site prior to submission of monthly program, bi-monthly commodity logistics reports to the Ministry of Defence Health Implementation Program-MODHIP Liaison Office. The incumbent will ensure that the proper reporting templates are used and properly filled and completed.
  • Report all program equipment failures including utilities, immediately to the Site Team Leader and if so directed to MODHIP Liaison Office and DOD-WRPN.
  • Provide monthly narrative overview of the HIV program site performance in all areas of care to Director, Public Health.
  • Assist the Site Team Leader in the management and accountability of site operating funds provided in support of the HIV program.
  • Ensure provided funds are utilized appropriately for the intended purposes.
  • Retirement of funds disbursed to the site, Reconciles purchases and expenditures and provides receipts to the MODHIP or DODWRP-N office as directed by the Site Team Leader.
  • Receipt of additional funds will be based on accurate reconciliation of the previous month expenditures, including all pertinent receipts and justification for the expense.
  • Work with the Site Team Leader to identify and forecast unfunded requirements that can be supported through the monthly stipend.
  • Identify and develop budgets for any unfunded requirements for the expansion/improvement that can be supported through HIFASS/other stakeholders.
  • Work closely with the MODHIP and DODWRP-N Logisticians, Pharmacists, and Laboratory Officers, and other Program Managers to support logistical activities at the site.
  • Coordinate with the individuals above to identify and forecast logistical needs in support of the overall HIV care mission at the site.
  • Confirm the integrity of buffer stock of HIV program consumables.
  • Identify and alert the appropriate officer when there is need for an Emergency Order.
  • Ensure optimal store management.

Job Qualification

Job Experience
5 Years

Job Location 
Akwa Ibom, Bauchi, Borno, Lagos
Method of Application
Qualified Candidates should forward CV and Application careers@hifass-hfi.org specify the position applying for

Closing Date
26 March 2016

Only candidates can apply for this job.
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